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The quality of photos is greatly enhanced by careful preparation of the home. We need to pay careful attention to the details and what others see. The goal is to show off the architectural features of the home rather than just furnishings, decorations, or clutter. Preparing a home to show is all about minimizing distractions. Simplify the decorations and clear off surfaces of personal belongings. Help others be attracted to the house, not distracted by clutter.


The photographer needs time and space to do their best work. 


Here is a list of requirements to prepare for a photo shoot:

Interior Requirements

De-clutter everywhere

Clear off kitchen and bathroom countertops except for a few select items

Empty the shower of shampoos and soaps

Remove everything from outside of fridge

Hide garbage cans 

Remove all signs of pets including pet bed

Remove tablecloths off tables

Remove stacks of books, magazines, mail

Take down personal photographs

De-clutter fireplace mantel and hearth

Remove small floor rugs and bath mats to show off floors

Replace all burned out light bulbs

Thoroughly clean home

Exterior Requirements

Remove trash cans from sight

Stow children's toys, hoses, tools

Mow the lawn, remove weeds

Put out chair cushions

***Children must be in one room of the house or taken with you during shoot***

***Animals must be secured in garage, laundry room, dog run, or taken with you during shoot***

Making Home Picture Perfect (optional)

Place flowers by front door

Open patio umbrellas

Remove pool sweep/polaris from pool

15 Minutes before Photoshoot

Turn on all overhead lights

Turn OFF ceiling fans

Open all curtains and window blinds

Put pets away in secure location or take them with you

Move cars off the driveway and down the street 

Click here for a PDF version of our Home Prep Tips to print out

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